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Health is a very broad concept that goes beyond the absence of disease. The WHO (World Health Organization) defines it as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. There are many factors that influence healthy lifestyles.

Physical exercise is never missing in the general advice on how to lead a healthy life. It is as fundamental as nutrition. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of chronic diseases and is associated with greater overall well-being.

Adequate rest is essential for health. Little or poor sleep affects the immune and cognitive systems. To enjoy a good rest, always go to bed at the same time and in a quiet and undisturbed environment.

Although we take it for granted in our society, good hygiene is the basis for avoiding health problems. The concept of hygiene does not only refer to the cleanliness and cleanliness of the body, but also affects the domestic environment and the kitchen.

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We always hear that good habits are important to have a «healthy life», but many of us do not know the real meaning of this. In some cases, we translate it as: change diet to lose weight and decrease risk. This is due, in most cases, to the lack of a culture of prevention. Therefore, in this post we will tell you what are the benefits and the importance of having a healthy lifestyle to avoid health problems.

When you are relaxed, do sports and eat healthy; your body simply feels good about itself. For example, when you exercise your body produces endorphin, the hormone that produces happiness, and serotonin, a hormone that is able to alleviate mood. You know, do sport!

A balanced diet combined with a series of exercises is vital to increase, little by little, your physical capacities. In addition, it will make you resistant because your lung capacity, flexibility and strength will be greater.

Dairy products and some vegetables help strengthen your bones by providing them with adequate amounts of calcium. And, also, exercise will be able to strengthen your joints to prevent serious injuries that will keep you from doing what you love.

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We all know that eating fruits and vegetables produces benefits on our health, but this habit should always be linked to a lifestyle beyond these foods, such as physical exercise or less consumption of alcohol and ultra-processed products (the less the better, knowing that it is the best option).

Do not impose a «diet» as if it were a punishment. Be perseverant with your diet and create adherence to it in the medium term; you will obtain the desired result in a natural and healthy way. Keep in mind that the results or consequences are not seen immediately, but they start in our organism from the first day.

Reduce as much as possible the sedentary lifestyle during your free time and encourage active leisure. I recommend at least 45 minutes of regular physical exercise, of moderate intensity, with a frequency of 5 times a week.

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All these risk factors are potentially modifiable through activities to improve health. Therefore, starting to take care of oneself, including healthy habits and styles in the routine, should be the main objective of the person with MS.

Although the mechanism is not clear, different studies suggest a causal effect of increased body mass index in MS and speak of a possible inflammatory role of this. In addition, obesity is a cardiovascular risk factor. The World Health Organization recommends balancing our body weight in order to reduce the risk of suffering health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

There are researchers who associate dietary salt intake with increased disease activity. It is also associated with numerous health problems such as hypertension, cardiac disorders, fluid retention….

Almost any type of regular physical activity has a positive impact on disease progression, disability and some symptoms such as fatigue. In addition, physical activity is essential to prevent overweight and cardiovascular diseases.


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