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It is true that the vast majority of us want to be successful from different points of view, but you must look at what is inside you and define specifically what kind of life you really want to live.

Sometimes we spend more time and energy looking for excuses than we do looking for ways to get things done. Turn your excuses into your inspiration. When you stop looking for excuses, you will start finding results.

Analyze your habits and customs to see if you are really moving towards where you want to go. Review the books you read, the people around you and how you are spending your time.

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Although plural verb agreement is preferred, it can be established in the plural as well as in the singular depending on what is taken as the central part of the subject. If it is the singular quantifier, then the agreement is made in the singular; if, on the contrary, the plural noun is taken as the central part of the subject, then the agreement is made in the plural.

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The doctor in Social Communication Sciences and expert in nonverbal communication reveals the secret behind this key science for human relationships. What it is about and tips to apply it.

Beyond words, there is a way of communicating that, unconsciously or consciously, says and manifests much more than people think: nonverbal communication. A gesture, a look or a posture can transmit extra information that resonates and manifests itself beyond what is said by the voice.

Sergio Rulicki, an expert in the field, attests to the importance and power of this type of communication where people, if they are attentive and apply it in their conversations or speeches, it can mean a great change.

It is about understanding the meanings of facial expressions, postures, movements of any part of the body. These meanings are not always obvious or transparent. They are hidden as a result of the biological and socio-cultural evolution of humanity.

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The majority rule is the rule that establishes that in order to make a decision in a group, the option that has the support of a majority of the members must be adopted. It is used in both democratic and non-democratic organizations and states. The rule may refer to members who are individuals as well as associations, groups, legal entities or collectivities in the most diverse forms. The majority rule can also be applied to quantitative criteria other than persons, such as number of shares or capital bonds, or any other element that can be counted and that may indicate preeminence.

Majority rule should not be confused with democracy, although the latter usually makes use of it as applied to the electorate. Non-democratic systems use majority rule on many occasions, and democratic systems tend not to use it on many occasions.

Once the majority decision has been adopted, it must be respected by the minorities of the group, so they should not oppose the majority decision since it is assumed that everyone accepted the use of the rule.


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