The boy who cried wolf

La gansa y los huevos de oro

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The peacock and the heron

Convinced that the sky is falling, Henny Penny and a group of gullible friends march off to tell the king, only to meet their end at the hands of a cunning fox. Walt Disney Pictures has made two animated versions of the story.

The first was Chicken Little, a 1943 animated short released during World War II as part of a series produced at the request of the U.S. government for the purpose of discrediting Nazism. It tells a variant of the parable in which Foxy Loxy follows the advice of a book on psychology by hitting the less intelligent first.

Chicken Little is among the best-known prophets of doom. Numerous versions of his story appear on the web. In some of them an acorn falling on his head makes him fear that the sky is falling, in others it is a pebble falling from a roof. In one version I have found that «something» falls on his head. That is, I suppose, as good as anything to set the story in motion, though it is rather nondescript.

The wolf knocks at the door

The next day, Peter returned to the field with his sheep. He began to get bored with nothing to do but look at the grass and the clouds. How long the days were getting! … He decided it would be fun to repeat the joke of the other afternoon.

Pedro shouted so loudly that his voice could be heard throughout the valley. A group of men gathered in the town square and quickly organized to come to the young man’s aid. They all set out together and immediately spotted the shepherd, but the wolf was nowhere to be seen. As they approached, they surprised the young man laughing his head off.

As usual, the villagers heard Pedro’s shrieks, but believing it to be another of the boy’s lies, they went on with their chores and paid no attention to him. Pedro continued to cry out in despair, but no one came to his aid. The wolf ate three of his sheep without him being able to do anything to stop it.

Fables in spanish

At the same time, a giant was walking along the beach toward his cave when he saw something in the water. It was shiny, and looked like a big fish. He pulled it out of the water, and decided he would eat it for dinner in his cave. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a fish; it was the little mermaid! She screamed for help, but no one heard her.    Finally, the boy who cried wolf and Peter Pan realized that the little mermaid was missing.

The prince, Peter Pan and the boy who cried wolf ran to the giant to rescue the little mermaid. The giant turned around and saw the prince, Peter Pan and the boy who cried wolf running towards him. The giant went to them and gave the little mermaid back to them. He excused himself by saying that he thought the mermaid was a fish and that he felt bad. The prince, Peter Pan and the boy who cried wolf said it was an accident and not to feel bad, but they told him he should go to the eye doctor because he might have cataracts. The little mermaid and the prince got married and lived happily ever after.


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