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Preschool farm animals

The farmer, alone or with the help of more workers, can grow all kinds of fruits, vegetables and cereals. After the harvest he will use these products to feed his family or to sell them to other people.

The animals that live on farms are domesticated and all serve an important function. Some, for example, provide food for humans: chickens provide eggs, cows provide milk… From pigs, meat is obtained, and from sheep, wool is used to make clothes and different types of fabrics. Others, such as horses, are of great help in the daily tasks of farming or transportation.

Sounds of farm animals

Farms are generally set up in rural areas where humans can work in animal husbandry or in the production of different crops. They have open spaces in the open air and enclosed spaces called corrals, stables or chicken coops. Farm animals provide us with food and help us with heavy work (such as horses and donkeys).Farm Animals

Chickens and roosters are domestic poultry. There are different breeds. The males are called «roosters», they are larger than hens and have a large red crest on their heads. Roosters and hens feed on grains, plants and insects, but usually on farms they eat corn.    Man uses their eggs, meat and feathers.

Pigs: they are omnivorous animals, which means that they eat all kinds of food. On farms they also eat grains, mainly corn, fruit peels, vegetables and human food waste. When they are newly born, they are called piglets (both males and females) and feed on the milk of their mothers, the sows. In addition to their use for food, man uses pig fat and pigskin to make brushes, shoes, gloves and suitcases.

The sound of animals

The animals of the Manor Farm, encouraged one day by Old Major, a pig who before dying explained his ideas to all of them, carry out a revolution in which they manage to expel Farmer Howard Jones and create their own rules (the Seven Commandments), which they write on a wall: [4]

The character of Old Major, the oldest pig in history, is one of the aspects of this character that allow us to relate him to Marx and Lenin. The pig’s ideas are also a reflection of Lenin and Marx. Like Marx, he fought for a system that was not imposed: the real characters (Marx) against capitalism and the fictitious one (Old Major) against the system established by humans. In addition, we also find this idea of Marx in the seven commandments that Old Major establishes in his speech before dying.[5] With respect to Lenin, the relationship lies in the fact that both are the ones who initiate the revolution although neither knows for sure at what moment it will take place.[5][6] The Snowball pig is part of the «Snowball».

The pig Snowball is part of the elite constituted by the pigs that in reality would be the Politburo. Along with Napoleon, he is one of the leaders of this group and, consequently, of the rest of the animals. In addition, he was one of those who promoted the ideas that the Old Major left before his death.[6] Just as Snowball was expelled from the animal farm by Napoleon, Trotsky had to go into exile outside Russia due to Stalin’s orders. They are also related because just as Snowball set up a plan of military ideas and strategies at Animal Farm, so did Trotsky for Russia before he was expelled. After this event, Snowball was considered a traitor, just like what happened to Trotsky.[5] The two are also related due to the fact that as Snowball establishes a military plan and strategies in Animal Farm, Trotsky also did it for Russia before being expelled.

Los animales de granja en español

October 2nd is World Farm Animals Day, a date to highlight and raise awareness of the suffering and death of animals living on farms and in slaughterhouses.

The initiative comes from the NGO FARM (Farmed Animals Reform Movement) that proclaimed this day to publicize the suffering and death of many animals daily to serve as food for humans.

October 3 – International Musketeer DayOctober 6 – International Walk to School DayOctober 7 – World Baldies DayOctober 11 – Get Out of the Closet DayOctober 13 – No Bra Day


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