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Activities to learn the hours of the clock

Here are some activity worksheets to learn the hours. To print our worksheets, click on them to access the entry, and again click on the large image. You can then print or save the worksheet with the right mouse button.

The units of time were created to count time: minutes, seconds, hours, days, weeks, months… For clock hours we count seconds, minutes and hours. We use time measurement units to organize our daily tasks, to avoid being late, to know when to go to sleep…

The watch exercises for children

It focuses on the quarter hours of a day: from 00:15 and 00:45 (when the day starts) to before the end of 11:15 and 11:45 p.m. A total of 48. A total of 48. So, it is a matter of linking an image with that correct time.

Before you begin, you should have pencils and markers to paint the squares on the worksheet. The objective of this activity is to color Each square corresponds to the time shown on the analog clock. To do this, the student must learn to identify the times.

What time is exercise pdf

On the other hand, there are some hours when we don’t say the minutes. When it is 15 minutes we say «and a quarter», referring to the fact that the needle is marking a quarter of the circumference (visit the lesson on fractions if you are not sure what a quarter is). In the same way, we also say «minus a quarter» instead of saying forty-five.

All of the activities have hand clocks, and some of them also have digital clocks. Some of the activities in this collection of exercises require coloring pencils.

All of the above activities and many more you will find in the PDF hours workbook. On the pages of this activity booklet you will find all the images ready to print. Free download.

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