Take care of the environment

10 tips for caring for and protecting the environment

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What is the environment for children

Social participation in issues such as global warming, water disposal, deforestation, production and consumption patterns, as well as in the principles and values that sustain this society, is very important.

From daily activities such as transportation, cleaning, traveling, cooking or buying products, and the impacts of these on the environment, it is important to reflect on our consumption habits and attitudes towards the care and protection of the environment.

Water plants at night or very early in the morning, when the sun takes longer to evaporate the water. Reuse the water you collect from the watering can and from washing vegetables to water plants or the garden.

Reuse all items or products as much as possible before disposing of them. For example, use sheets of paper on both sides; transform cans into pencil cases, jewelry boxes or flower pots. Let your imagination run wild! Discard only what can no longer be reused.

Turn off the equipment you are in charge of: CPU, monitor, printers, speakers, regulators, etc., when you are not using them, and at the end of your workday verify that both the equipment and the lights in your work area are turned off.

Importance of caring for the environment

Our planet is at risk and needs everyone’s help! ⚠ Water pollution and global warming have advanced to i-n-a-u-d-i-t-o-s levels. In the face of this situation, action must be taken to care for the environment.

Are you ready to join in caring for the planet? Then get comfortable and get to know 16 actions to take care of the environment. Scientists and ecologists assure that these measures work, so, applying them, you will see very positive changes.

Saving water is one of the best actions to take care of the environment. Less than 3% of the water on planet Earth is suitable for human consumption. In other words, if we do not take care of it, we will have to say goodbye to this vital liquid.

Short tips to take care of the environment

Turn off the lights. It seems obvious, but we do not realize how many times we turn on the light in a room we do not occupy. Get your children used to turn off the lights and when you leave home check that everything is off.

Use the thermostat.  For both heating and air conditioning it is necessary to use a thermostat. Heating energy consumption drops when you reduce the temperature by one degree, and the same happens if you increase the temperature by one degree in the air conditioning.

Take your own bags to the supermarket. More and more supermarkets are selling plastic bags to avoid their use and encourage recycling. Take your own bags to the supermarket and you can use them several times.

Recycle everything you can. Before throwing away clothes, books or toys, think if you can give them a second chance to avoid wasting and buying everything new. You will save money and protect nature.


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