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In this game, a group of people compete against a guesser, who will be given clues that should be neither too easy nor too difficult. You can ask up to 20 times, but the question is always the same: «How is yours?

3. Once everyone has agreed on the previous point, the guesser returns and asks someone: «What is yours like? The person answers with a true clue that should be neither too vague nor too obvious.

More of a rhetorical exercise than a game, it is a matter of imagining two situations similar in weight and importance. Creativity is the key. The best part of the game is to see how far the themes and tone of the questions take you. It may be that the game takes a deep, philosophical turn or it may be more light-hearted and sparkling. Some examples:

word guessing game with clues

Materials needed: paper and penOne of the players thinks of a word. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like, the title of a movie or a saying, for example. He/she will place on the paper as many dashes as there are letters in the word or phrase he/she has thought of. The others have to try to guess it using letters, saying one in each turn. If a letter is correct, the player who has thought of the word puts it in its place. But if he does not guess correctly, he will have to draw an element of the figure of the hanged man. The winner is the one who completes the sentence or the one who completes the drawing of the hanged man.4.

Materials needed: paper and penParticipants will have to draw on paper a template with boxes. At the top we will place the categories that have been decided among all. They can be animals, colors, proper names, countries, brands or any other that our imagination dictates. Once the categories are set, in each round we will play with a letter of the alphabet. Each player will have to write a word beginning with that letter for each category. The round ends when one of the participants has completed all the categories and says stop! For the purpose of calculating the scores, each category that has not been completed will not score points. Words that have been repeated by more than one player score 5 points. Of course, we can set any scoring criteria we want, set a time for each round, or set any rules we can think of. Imagination is free. But what is certain is that a good time is guaranteed.5. From A to Z


They require players to be concentrated, require mental agility and a lot of attention to meet the requirement imposed, also require a good level of general culture and vocabulary, enable the development of creative ideas and creativity in general.

They must say the words quickly, no more than three seconds or they lose their turn and a negative point is scored. One by one they continue to participate by saying their words, starting with the letter imposed at the beginning.    You cannot repeat the words said by others.

This is a very funny dynamic.    The group of players or participants is told that they are all invited to go on an outing and each one must say what he/she will take, for example clothes, drinks and food, toys, sports equipment, etc.

Slowly the players must try to decipher the key that makes what they are bringing work or not work for the outing, but the organizer must keep the key secret. Just say yes or no and another player follows.


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