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The sirex – the broom (1965)

Antoni Miquel Cerveró «Leslie» (vocals) †Rafael Carrasco (drums) (1944-?) †Lluís Gomis de Prunera (1944-2012) (drums since 1961) Josep Fontseré Portolés (b. 1945) (rhythm guitar) Guillermo Rodríguez Holgado (b. 1944) (bass guitar) †Manuel Madruga Quebradas (1942-2012) (lead guitar) Juan José Calvo Sánchez (b. 1947) (guitar, replacing Manolo Madruga since 1978);[1][edit data on Wikidata]

Los Sírex were identified for practicing pure rock’n’roll and with more daring lyrics (which brought them problems with censorship). The group began to gain popularity, performing mainly in the local El Pinar in Poble Sec, a well-known neighborhood of Barcelona.

But the group had to take a step forward as they had to find a record company that trusted them. The Sírex went to one studio after another to make tests. It would not be until 1963 when the Vergara label offered them a contract to record an album. This 45rpm long-player had four songs, which included, among others, Muchacha bonita. This first record had an acceptable success selling a thousand copies. For their second album they included the song San Carlos Club, as a tribute to the club on Calle Mayor de Gracia where they were performing in 1963. By that time, Los Sírex began to be invited on TVE programs and even performed in a couple of movies: Noches del Universo and Superespectáculos del mundo, directed by Miguel Iglesias Bonns.

The magic godparents

You guessed it. I would do the same things as the song by The Sírex, who created an anthem to remove negativities from around us and today we should use it more than we do. I would sweep up a lot of things today, if I had a broom, but as Jack the Ripper said, «Let’s take it one at a time.»

The first thing I would sweep away are the prejudices of this plaza, which labels everything and gives everything a name, an end, and a preference, although I don’t really know if this is the name given to the things of love. Those of the bulls, which today scored coming inward, recovering and defending themselves, are indeed called that way. The bulls were called «bravos» by the audience, although the appellative is debatable.

Bulls of José Escolar, correct in presence and very in type.  Defensive, oriented and hunting the dangerous first one.  The second bull was very tough, tough and without delivery.  Tough, tame and without delivery, the corretón and complicated third.  The fourth was fractious but obedient to the touches.  The very rough fifth was very strong and remontón.  With fixity and obedience the noble and sluggish sixth.

How to sweep

At least some of the content of this article is derived from information presented in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery . As such, spoilers will be present in the article.

«At three-thirty that afternoon, Harry, Ron, and the other Gryffindors hurried down the front steps to the grounds for their first flying lesson. The Slytherins were already there, and so were twenty broomsticks laid out in neat lines on the ground » .

The focus of this class was highly anticipated by the students, who often told exaggerated stories of past flying accomplishments. Ron Weasley told anyone who would listen how he hit a hang glider with Charlie’s old broomstick . [1]

The course intended for these lessons was largely aimed at providing students with a basic understanding of the most elementary principles behind the study of the broom , i.e., how to handle a broom and progressively work on various techniques and maneuvers performed while in flight, as well as receiving proper instruction on the subject of proper broom care and maintenance. During Madam Rolanda Hooch’s tenure , she often warned her students against erratic flying, emphasizing the importance of remaining focused, as the consequences of allowing oneself to become distracted or take unnecessary risks in the air could, in the worst case scenario, cause the rider to slip off his or her broom and fall to his or her death. [1]

Tina y tin + martín (personalized music for kids)

With a plate of beans and carne asada, his family can’t wait for him to come back to spoil him with his favorite food and hug him again. For her part, his sister Johana showed her great pride with Luis’ silver medal. «It’s a great achievement for him, he deserves it for everything he’s been through. He’s a great fighter,» Johana recalled, «He was frustrated when he was injured many times, the pandemic and not being able to train as he wanted to, it really affected him a lot.

«The man is quite simple, he always said hello, he came to train on a little bike. One is amazed to see how far he has come,» said Jhon Brandon Martinez, the security guard of the sports center.Luis Javier Mosquera continues to be the reference of his native Yumbo, the land to which he thanks every time he gets a triumph.


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