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Each character can be profoundly genuine in their emotions and their reflection on the world they inhabit just as each is capable of demoralizing cruelties. V for Vendetta is, in itself, an anarchist piece: the darkness in its atmosphere, like its perfect editing, reminds us that the radicality of a work lies not in the content of its discourse, but in the crisis of its own technique.

The differences between the respective starts say a lot about the passage made from the page to the screen. The erasure of Evey’s youth and prostitution raise questions: what is the basis of this decision to transfer, what is the criterion for the re-signification of the plot? The pieces present other distancing, very many. The following stand out:

b) The film erases characters that in the novel are crucial. The case of Derek Almond is evident. In the original piece, he is responsible for the capture of V. The agent is married to Rosemary. Almond dies at the hands of V, Rosemary is widowed and left completely helpless by the official state authorities. Thus, she is forced to work in a cabaret and to become the

V for vendetta comic

«(…) Conspiracy, gunpowder and betrayal. I do not see the delay and it is always time to evoke it without delay». The phrase we V for Vendetta fans always repeat as a prayer on this date, but why is it so important? Here we tell you.

We can’t deny that when we think of V for Vendetta Natalie Portman comes to mind and the mask that has stolen spaces of political resistance and took over social networks. Remember ‘Anonymous’. But today we are going to tell you what historically happened and why is today we all recite that great piece of unforgettable dialogue.

The main one is the comic book written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, which is divided into three books and an interlude: ‘Europe after the reign’, ‘The cabaret of vice’, the interlude and ‘The land of do as you please’.

Another of the adaptations was David J of the band Bauhaus, who had already collaborated with Moore on other projects and recorded a version of the book’s song ‘This Cabaret of Vice’, and other pieces that were inspired by the comic. The list of songs inspired by V for Vengeance’ is:

Remember, remember the fifth of november

One of Vanesa Martín’s songs says «love can’t be explained, my skin told me one day», and yet the artist has always given us the best definition of what love is through her songs. It is the central axis on which the lyrics of her compositions revolve and give meaning to all our senses.

A song that invites us to let ourselves be carried away by what we feel. «I catch air and fly, travels with my body a heart detached from the ground», says the chorus. And we, who have their songs as our religion, can only accept the invitation.

One of the risks of giving our whole heart in love is that the receiver does not treat it properly. «You go weaving knots in your heart and then ask me for forgiveness,» says the artist in Te has perdido quién soy, «Now you have a heart,» she expresses later in the song. After mistakes, that person arrives repentant, with our bruised heart in their hands.

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Home > Topics > Culture and Arts > Pop Culture and Mass MediaThe Nueva Canción ChilenaThe Nueva Canción Chilena constituted a massive movement of folkloric renovation, where tradition was nourished by musical innovations. After the 1973 coup d’état, it continued to develop abroad due to the exile of many of its performers. Presentation

In its beginnings, the Nueva Canción constituted a whole with a great movement of folkloric renovation, where tradition was nourished by musical innovations. This movement of an eminently massive character, known as Neofolclor, was gradually decanting until the Nueva Canción was distinguished as a particular manifestation. From this line came performers such as Patricio Manns and Rolando Alarcón.

The movement was violently truncated with the coup d’état on September 11, 1973. From that moment on, and as a result of the exile and repression of many of its members, the movement continued to develop abroad. From that date on, in Chile, and mainly in Santiago, a new heir style known as Canto Nuevo developed. The Nueva Canción thus projected itself into the future and remained in the history of Chile.


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