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The past simple tense is the most used tense in English. Most of the time we are talking about things we did or that happened to us in the past. This is where its importance lies, and therefore, why it is necessary for us to master it to perfection. Not only grammatically, but also when we find ourselves in a situation where speaking English is a must.

The good news is that there are strategies to learn the list once and for all, you just have to keep reading and follow the instructions I’m going to give you. The bad news is that if you want to learn English or have to pass your exams, irregular verbs are something you can’t avoid.

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It is about associating the past (regular or irregular) with the infinitive.    We are not satisfied with the words, we associate representative phrases so that the concept is retained.    So, for example, we don’t just talk about «drink», but about «drink a glass of water».

The game needs some preparation, of course (as you know, what costs no effort has no value).    The sentences have to be prepared and cut in such a way that at the end we are left with something like this:

And what is the fun of the game?    Well, we are picking up a card of each type, and, of course, at the beginning it will be very difficult to get it right.    But as we advance we can remember where this or that verb/phrase was.    So we will associate the infinitive with the past tense if we remember where the corresponding card was picked up.

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8.Siempre camina para ir a la escuela. (l siempre camina para ir a la escuela)9.Ella hace el trabajo de dos personas. (Ella hace el trabajo de dos personas)10.El perro persigue al gato por toda la casa. (El perro persigue al gatopor toda la casa).Oraciones en futuro afirmativas con will.1.Ella leerá el periódico mañana. (Ella leerá el periódico mañana)2.Vendremos a la escuela en autobús. (Nosotros vendremos a la escuela enautobs)3.You will work very hard. (T trabajars muy duro)4.A ella le gustará sentarse al sol. (A ella le gusta sentarse en el sol)5.Jugaremos en el parque la semana que viene. (Nosotros jugaremos en el parque la próxima semana)6.He will watch his son in the race. (l ver a su hijo en la carrera)7.La tienda estará abierta hasta las siete de la tarde. (La tienda estar abierta hastalas 7)8.La planta morirá por falta de sol. (La planta morirá por faltade luz natural)9.Intentaremos llegar a tiempo. (Nosotros trataremos de llegar a tiempo)10.He will walk to school. (l caminar para ir a la escuela)Oraciones negativas en pasado simple

Past simple games esl

When we learn the Past Simple tense in English, we see that the grammatical rules are a bit simpler than with the Present Simple Tense. For example, there is only one conjugation for all persons: (He, she, it … then – went). In addition, only one auxiliary is used (instead of «do / does», the auxiliary in the past tense «did» is used). However, what is more difficult for the students is to learn the «irregular verbs».

As we know, regular verbs are very easy to conjugate in the past tense. We just add the «ed» ending and that’s it (e.g played, enjoyed, studied, talked, walked). But «irregular verbs» do not follow any rules to form the conjugation in some grammatical tenses. This makes students have trouble learning them (e.g eat/ate, go/went, sleep/slept, see/saw).

Today we want to share a fun way to practice and learn irregular verbs in English. Macmillan Publishing has developed a very simple but effective interactive game called «Irregular Verb Wheel Game».    One has to turn a wheel until it stops at an irregular verb. From there they will have to choose the correct conjugation of that verb according to a question as in the figure below:


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