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5 past perfect exercises

In this unit you will learn the following contents, divided into Grammar, Functions, Vocabulary and Phonetics. Grammar: past simple and continuous, p …

Use of the past tense of regular and irregular verbs in affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences. (30 questions)This is an interactive test from Testeando, an educational game designed for students …

We will continue studying the verb tense, Past Perfect. Affirmative, negative, is a didactic content of Educatina. In Educatina you will find in addition to many other …

We will study and explain the verb tense, Past Perfect (Pasado Perfecto).This is an educational video by Educatina. Educatina has thousands of videos on various topics of Secondary Education.

We will see the concept of the conditional unreal, improbable, its rules and examples.It is a didactic content of Educatina. In Educatina you will find in addition to many other educational videos, thousands of practical …

Present perfect games

The game is played in teams of 4-5 players. Each player must start with 4 cards (calculate one verb card per player). On the count of «1, 2, 3, go!» they must pass one of their cards to the player on their right and will in turn receive one from the player on their left.

To play with these decks we suggest the game «Go fish», which helps us to develop oral language and learn a correct structuring of questions and answers while reviewing vocabulary.

Four cards are dealt to each player (there should be two of each, for which we will make two copies of the collection of cards we are going to use) and the remaining cards are left in a pile face down in the center of the table. They must try to make pairs in order to discard them, and whoever runs out of cards first wins.

English past perfect games

Talking about active voice and passive voice in English, seems complex, but it is not. When we talk about active and passive voice in English, we are referring to the grammatical structure of a sentence (the order of its words).

The tense of the verb «to be» will determine the tense of the action. When describing an «agent of the action» (i.e. the person or entity performing the action), one does so by using the preposition «by (by)»:

What does it consist of? There must be at least two players, but the more people participate, the more fun it will be. One person must be chosen to play the role of Simon, the others will be the players. Simon will stand in front of them and tell them what to do. Here are 50 fun ideas to get you started – check them out!

Society is divided into social classes, defined by specific characteristics. It is not limited to economic status, but includes ways of behaving, tastes, language, ethical and religious beliefs. Social class indicates a social stratum in a society and its corresponding status.

Ejercicios de pasado perfecto

El Verbo Jugar¿Has practicado algún deporte o juego durante el fin de semana? ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que jugaste a juegos de mesa con tu familia o amigos? ¿Cuál era tu juego favorito cuando eras niño? Para hablar de estos temas en español, necesitarás aprender la conjugación de jugar. Utilizamos jugar con el significado de ‘practicar un deporte o un juego’ exclusivamente. Así que no lo uses con el significado de tocar un instrumento, porque hay otro verbo para esto en español (tocar). Una nota más: utilizamos la estructura jugar + a + juego o deporte. Además, algunos juegos requieren el artículo las. Ahora vamos a ver algo de vocabulario útil que puedes necesitar cuando uses este verbo:

Pretérito de JugarUsamos el pretérito para hablar de acciones terminadas en el pasado. Jugar es regular en esta conjugación, excepto por un pequeño cambio en la primera persona, por lo que sólo tendrás que tomar su raíz (jug-) y añadir las terminaciones de pretérito. Nota: Para la primera persona del singular (yo), hay que añadir una u a la raíz. Esto es para mantener el sonido suave (/g/). De lo contrario, g + e sonaría como el /he/ inglés.


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