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Why is it important to use synonyms in your speech or writing? It is important because synonyms can improve both your speaking skills and your writing skills, as noted in the next section.

Plagiarism is a serious problem for writers and publishers and is considered a copyright infringement. It is particularly serious for academic researchers because plagiarizing someone else’s work in a research paper can diminish or even destroy your professional credibility. Any work you refer to in your writing, other than your original thoughts or ideas, should be properly cited and referenced. Should you always use direct quotations? Not necessarily, but any part of the original text that you include in your paraphrased text should be in quotation marks.

Several books and websites can help you build your thesaurus. One of the most commonly used publications is Roget’s Thesaurus, which is available in both paper and electronic format that can be downloaded from an online source. The following are additional examples:


Although we use this word to refer to siblings of the same father and mother, it can also be used in a sense of close friendship. It is used in this way mainly when the feeling of friendship is very strong between two or more people. For example: «These are my siblings, I have known them since school».

We also use it to refer to our parents’ brothers or sisters. We use these words to address a friend, that is, we also use it in a friendly way. For example: «Aunt, aunt! Something very strong has just happened to me, you won’t believe it when I tell you».

The above words are the forms we use on the peninsula to refer to a friend or group of friends. Next, we are going to look at words that are used to refer to friends in Latin America.

This word is mainly used in Chile and is in popular use. Although it is used for friends, it can also be used as an offense, depending on the tone and context of the situation. For example: «Ese weon es el mejor amigo que tengo en el trabajo».

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When learning a language, it is normal that at the beginning we often use the same words we learned. However, in order to express yourself correctly and have fluent conversations, it is important that you know as much vocabulary as possible.

Knowing the synonyms and antonyms of words when learning a new language is important because it allows you to go much deeper and helps you to improve your comprehension and fluency when speaking. This way, if you forget a word during a conversation, you will be able to look up a synonym quickly. Also, if you always use the same words, you will sound bored or people will think that you don’t master the language.

At Wall Street English, with our blended learning method, which combines interaction with our teachers and the use of technology, you will learn English in a completely different way than the ones you know from experience. This course offers you the possibility to develop the language in a progressive way, making sure that you have understood each lesson before continuing.

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The Andean country calls a friend weón. It can also be used as an offense, depending on many factors such as the tone of voice and the context of the situation. Another word to refer to your «brother» is «yunta».

You have probably heard «parce» or «parcero». This is how paisas refer to their best friends. Unlike Chileans, this word is exclusively for friends, it has no negative connotation.

Ché, boludo! It’s something you’ll hear a lot in Argentina, but it’s only friendly if you say it between close friends. It’s a word that is always derogatory, but with the close circle, it becomes friendly. Don’t say it to just anyone! It can be offensive.


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