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The month is an astronomical unit of time, used in the calendar as the period it takes the Moon to go around the Earth. However, the movement of the Moon in its orbit is very complicated and its period is not constant. Moreover, in many cultures (as in the Hebrew and Muslim calendars) the beginning of the month coincides with the first appearance of the lunar crescent New Moon after sunset above the western horizon. The date and time of this actual observation depends on the exact geographical longitude, as well as latitude, atmospheric conditions, the visual care of the observers, etc. Consequently, it is not possible to accurately predict the beginning and length of the months in these calendars. Most Jews follow a pre-calculated calendar.

The traditional concept arises with the phase cycle of the moon. The synodic month is the period that elapses between two consecutive phases of the moon, its approximate length being 29.53 days. The cause of the phases of the Moon is that we see the part of the Moon that is illuminated by the Sun and this depends on its relative position to the Sun (as seen from the Earth). Since the Earth revolves around the Sun, it takes extra time (after completing a sidereal month) for the Moon to return to the same position relative to the Sun. This longer period is called synodic. Due to perturbations in the orbits of the Earth and Moon, the actual time between lunations can vary between approximately 29.27 and 29.83 days.

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As you may know, the days of the week in your language or in another language are used daily to name the days when you have to work, when you have an evaluation, when you have a doctor’s appointment and other things. As you will see it is very important to know it, that is why today we will show you how to say the days of the week in French.

This way it will be faster to learn and you will save time, you will also feel motivated because what you learned you can know it well and it will give you more desire to continue with this wonderful language.

That’s all for now, we hope you liked it, now it’s up to you to continue and learn the given content, in case it’s easier for you, here is a video explaining the topic. Good luck!


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