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In addition to online help, you can find solutions to problems in the Rational Performance Testing forum on developerWorks and in the Technical Notes in the Rational Performance Tester Support Knowledge Base.

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It is important to note that many studies have been done along these same lines of research, but often the emphasis is on people’s accuracy in performing a task and their response times. However, what stands out in the study we mentioned is the emphasis on error correction as the foundation of normal behavior.

We have already mentioned healthy aging precisely because the trends described (slowing down and increased accuracy after errors) are typical of the healthy brain and its normal aging. But then, what could point to a deteriorating brain? In addition to excessive delay and failure to give an answer, an important finding of the research is the lack of ability to correct errors. For example, people with mild cognitive impairment, or Alzheimer’s disease, often have trouble trying to correct errors on these tests, perhaps because their ability to detect an error made and plan a solution strategy for future tests is impaired.

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The study, published in the journal ‘Memory’, confirms that, contrary to widespread popular belief, when a person makes a mistake while learning, their memory improves to get the correct answer, but only if that mistake is close to that correct answer.

«Our research has found evidence that ‘close calls’ can help a person learn better than if no mistakes were made,» explained Nicole Anderson, Ph.D., lead author of the study and a scientist at the Romtan Research Institute at Baycrest.

As next steps, the team is studying people’s brain activity when they make errors ‘by a little’ and ‘by a lot’ during learning. Their work will focus on discovering how these different errors affect a person’s brain function when they try to remember the correct information.


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