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The cities of France are very different from each other and it is not the same to visit one or the other. You should choose the ones you want to visit before leaving home and organize a good tourist plan, otherwise you run the risk of traveling from one to another wasting a lot of time.

France has a great quantity of cities and consequently, a great quantity of beautiful cities, for that reason we believe that it is of great interest to know them, since without a doubt, the cities of France are the center of tourist appetite that generates the country. In the following map you can get an idea of the location of some of them.

Cannes, this tourist city located in the south of the country, in the French Riviera, is the venue of the International Film Festival. This festival is the most important in the world and gathers a great number of stars of the seventh art.


Paris is the best place to taste some dishes of French cuisine, as it is the best place to feel its genuine and unforgettable taste. First of all, it is important to mention the baguette in the list of these gastronomic specialties. In Paris, the baguette is cooked according to the classic recipe. The traditional baguette weighs 200 grams and is 65 centimeters long. Travelers visiting Paris in winter should not forget to try the traditional delicacy of a baguette… Read more

Several fish dishes form the basis of regional cuisine in Nice. Local chefs cook a delicious surmullet that they usually serve with polenta. Fans of more refined food will like the sea bass fillet cooked in a special almond sauce. During the cooking process, the tender fish fillet gets a crispy nutty crust. Good restaurants that specialize in the national cuisine also offer unusual delicacies, for example, the fish fillet … Read More

There are more than eight hundred different restaurants, cafes and bars in Toulouse; there are real gastronomic attractions among them. The upscale Michel SARRAN restaurant is known far beyond the city. The restaurant offers a decent selection of signature seafood dishes and excellent meat treats, as well as sophisticated desserts and drinks. Visitors are sure to be satisfied with attentive staff and a wide range of prices. There are dishes for everyone … Read More


In France, under the Ancien Régime, province was the term to designate the different territories of which the kingdom was composed, until its dismantling by the National Assembly and the creation of departmental administrative divisions in 1790.

«It is worthy of note that the ancient Gallic states have retained, until very nearly, their name, their boundaries, and a sort of moral existence in the memories and affections of men. Neither the Romans, nor the Germans, nor feudalism, nor monarchy destroyed these perennial units; they are still to be found in the provinces and countries of present-day France.»[1]

Metropolis are the territories under the jurisdiction of a metropolitan archbishop, also called provinces because they come from the Roman namesakes whose first bishops were responsible for the administration during the fall of the Roman Empire.

According to their rights, customs and languages, the territory of the kingdom was divided, on the one hand, into a country of written law (approximately south of a line La Rochelle-Geneva) and, on the other hand, into a country of customary law (north of this line).


Even so, it is true that the distribution of the population as well as the geographical situation of the cities of France is somewhat peculiar, since in Paris and the region around it congregate almost 11 million inhabitants, making it one of the largest urban conurbations in the world, and undoubtedly, is the most populated area of the European Union.

But obviously, given the geography of France, it is true that the more geometric system has predominated, although always giving priority to the connection between the main cities of France, hence the road network has the shape it has. However, the whole network of airports ensures that you can get flights and visit France in a quite accessible way.


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