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I read in today’s Irish Press, March 10, and this is a newspaper that is generally very aware of what is going on in government circles, that Irish farmers will be able to count on a wider range of farm improvement grants after EEC agriculture ministers approved a revised aid budget yesterday.

In a newspaper today, March 10, the Irish Press, which only reports news from government sources, reported that, following yesterday’s approval by agriculture ministers of the revised aid package, Irish farmers will benefit from a wider range of subsidies for agricultural incentives.

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Brian McCarthy’s paintings are terrible. Pretentious pastiches that not even his mother would hang in the dining room at home. But billionaire Dermont Desmond, Ireland’s most successful businessman, has paid 4,500 euros for one of his paintings, The Sword of Justice. The work is inspired, like two others, by the crisis in the country. The complete series, titled Boomtown, can be seen at Keeling Gallery in Dublin.

McCarthy paints the Ireland of 2010 as a huge shantytown and a nation that has lost its sovereignty. In his canvases, some citizens prepare for revolution and others try to escape, taking to the sea in small boats. «The idea came to me from the Vietnamese boat people, forced to sail in search of a better life,» said the astute artist. In a very different style, graffiti artist ADW has painted Prime Minister Brian Cowen and Finance Minister Brian Lenihan on the walls of Dublin, like a pair of movie villains. The mural has won popular acclaim.

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The British Minister for Northern Ireland, Karen Bradley, insisted today that the «Brexit» agreement is beneficial for the region’s economy and does not compromise the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom, following the country’s exit from the European Union (EU).

Bradley made these statements at a conference of business leaders in Belfast, where he defended the pact negotiated with Brussels by the Prime Minister, Conservative Theresa May, which he described as a «decisive step» to achieve an orderly divorce.

Although the Prime Minister has obtained the support of the majority of her government cabinet, the agreement must now pass the filter of the London Parliament, in a climate marked by the rejection of the Europhobic wing of her own party and part of the opposition, as well as by the resignations of some of her ministers.

Bradley stressed today that the «brexit» pact respects «the territorial and constitutional integrity» of the whole of the United Kingdom, while «protecting the Good Friday agreement», the text that put an end to the Northern Irish conflict in 1998.

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In her article the Irish journalist described the abuse that some Irish families were making of their Au Pairs, paying them as little as two euros per hour of work at home, and alluding to this growing fashion increasingly accepted culturally in Ireland to avoid childcare costs, as well as using the girls at home to do all kinds of cleaning chores, and generally over exploiting them for labor.

I was surprised by the mention he made of the attempted sexual abuse by one of the fathers of the family, who was so brazen as to jump on one of the girls in her bed, when talking about the complaints received by Au Pairs to agencies for that purpose.

One of the most famous newspapers in Ireland, which through the article by journalist Caitlin McBride wrote the headline «Au pairs ‘treated like slaves’ as job market dries up», in a devastating article with negative opinions of all kinds. It is worth noting that some of the complaints were made by an Au Pair placement agency in Ireland with whom we ourselves had already worked, and which warned of the risks of entering into private agreements with families offered through the aforementioned Au Pair websites.


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