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The Schengen area is one of the EU’s greatest achievements. It is an area without internal borders, an area in which EU citizens, many citizens of other countries, business people and tourists can move freely without being subject to border controls. Since 1985, it has gradually grown and now encompasses almost all EU member states and some non-EU associated countries.

Although the Schengen States have abolished internal borders, they have also tightened controls at their common external borders, based on the rules of this agreement, to ensure the security of people living or traveling in the Schengen area.

Due to the large volume of EU rules and regulations that each candidate country must incorporate into its national legislation, negotiations take a long time. During the pre-accession period, the candidate countries are offered financial, administrative and technical assistance.

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Try to locate on the map the location of each country in Europe which you have been asked for.Zoom in or zoom out the map in order to adjust it to the size of your desktop’s device. You also can click on it and drag to centre the image.

Good morning, Manuel. Both Azerbaijan and Armenia are halfway between Europe and Asia, hence we did not include them in our first version of the map. However, we will review their situation in the continent and include them if appropriate since, culturally, they are usually counted as part of it. We hope that soon you can enjoy a new version of the game in case we finally include them. Best regards.

Good morning, Joseva. We are currently in the process of updating content so it is very likely that soon you will be able to enjoy tournaments. In the meantime, do you dare with other similar maps? 🙂

I really like this application because people can study this way but sometimes when I start the map and put some countries on it, I don’t know if it’s my laptop or the application, but the rest is very good, it helps a lot 🙂

Interactive map of european capitals

Deserts have a differentiated symbology, as well as marshlands. On the other hand, in polar areas, the ice barrier and the outer limit of the ice floe or floating ice sheets are indicated.

Population data for capitals and cities with 100,000 or more inhabitants are taken from the United Nations Statistics Division, Demographic Yearbook, 2014 and UNdata (city population). For demographic data given only to conurbation or urban agglomeration, as is the case for cities in the United Kingdom or Turkey, it has been necessary to turn to other official statistical sources.

From the physical point of view, Europe is not an isolated unit. Situated at the western end of the great Eurasian continent, its boundaries have never been clear or precise, although traditionally the Urals and the Caucasus have been marked as the physical separation from Asia.

ENDONYM. The name of a geographical entity expressed in one of the languages used in the region in which the feature is located. Examples: Aachen (not Aachen or Aix-la-Chapelle), London (not London).

Map of europe with capitals

The Re-open website has an interactive map showing the epidemiological situation of each region of the continent. Thus, through a color code (green, yellow and red) it is possible to check the cumulative incidence. Currently, some of the most touristic regions of Europe that are in green (less than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants) are:

– Other countries with good epidemiological situation but which are not so touristic during summer are Germany, Central and Eastern European nations.    What the European Commission recommends for traveling this summerIn addition to launching this website, the European Commission has launched a series of tips to be taken into account to enjoy a safe vacation this summer.


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