Idioms with body parts

The parts of the body in spanish

In this post I share a new infographic in which we work on the double meaning of the language. It gathers 24 sayings and idioms about the names of body parts. As the previous ones, it is an open document, it can be updated with the incorporation of new expressions.

It is a material elaborated thinking about students with ASD, who show many difficulties in the social use of language, in the comprehension of expressions with double meaning.  By working on them explicitly, they come to understand them, and even have fun using them, and this understanding facilitates communication and social interaction of these students.

Idioms and idioms with food

As I have commented in other posts, an idiom is a colloquial expression used in informal language and its meaning comes from the complete phrase and not from each word separately. Therefore its translation cannot be literal. This is one more of the «saga» of idioms or expressions that we have collected for you, we really think the topic is important and we love it. Today are «idioms with body» with different parts of the body, I really didn’t know there were so many, maybe I missed some but for now I leave many for you to learn.

Dictionary of idioms

In this lesson we will study the Italian vocabulary of the human body, learning the terms that refer to the parts of the body, including the organs, to be always ready in situations that require it (such as visits to the doctor). In addition, let’s look at some Italian idioms related to the human body.

Example: «-Mi raccomando, non parlare a Fernando della sua ex… -Non preoccupcuparti, non voglio mettere il dito nella piaga!» («- Please, don’t talk to Fernando about his ex… – Don’t worry, I don’t want to put my finger in the wound!»)

Sleeping body said

Ezequiel Avila, the Argentinean striker of Osasuna has a huge tattoo on his back. It shows a lioness who takes care of the herd, a gorilla, a crocodile, a giraffe and where the back ends, Jazmín (the name of his niece). Her mother is present on the chest and on the back, she carries a gun in her hand because she is called ‘the guerrilla’. On the back of her neck, the Hand of Fatima offers her protection. The names of her daughters appear on her hands and she has many others full of stories. «I have all over the place. In the few spaces I have left I will continue to do because it is a hobby and each one has its meaning, «said the Chimy .

Erik Manuel Lamela is an Argentine footballer. He plays as a right back and his current team is Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League. He wears on his left leg a lion with an Indian plume. The lion theme is recurrent among players as a symbol of strength.

Napoli striker Lorenzo Insigne decided to wear Diego Armando Maradona on his skin. To pay tribute to «El Pelusa» after his death, the captain of the Neapolitan team got an impressive tattoo of Diego Maradona on his left leg. In it, the Argentine can be seen celebrating a goal with the Napoli shirt.


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