How to write a biography in english example

How to write a biography

we propose you to focus on writing in English, researching about that character that arouses your curiosity and interest. This is a very simple method to study at home and learn English while expanding your level of general culture.

Studying English is one of the most necessary tools for today’s job market. In all lessons it is essential to have basic knowledge of English grammar in order to produce well-formulated sentences and questions, conjugate verbs properly and apply the basics of English fluently.

This time, we will focus on writing. Writing about a relevant person in your life will motivate you to compose a text describing the main facts of his career, his innovations and curious facts.

First of all, you should choose a character. Think either of someone who is very dear to your heart, or of a work whose creation arouses your interest (a scientific breakthrough, a technological innovation or a memorable piece of art).

Example of a biography

The biography can be considered a literary sub-genre within the didactic genre. In a biography, the life of a person is narrated, usually beginning with his or her birth and ending with his or her death, highlighting the most relevant facts of the biographer’s career. Do you want to know how to write a professional biography?

The idea is not to copy a biography, but to use it as an inspiration so that you can create your own. In fact, it is not at all advisable to copy someone else’s biography, since we all have our own. No one better than us to know what we have done and how we are going to describe it. Give it your personal touch! To learn how to write a biography, here are three examples:

As an example of a well-written and attention-grabbing biography, Hillary Clinton’s biography is a clear example of what to do. You can find different versions of her biography on the Internet. The most remarkable thing about the approach she uses in writing her biography is that it is crafted in a humorous way, which makes it comfortable to connect with her and understand her character.

Examples of short biographies

Most of us don’t think about writing a professional biography until we suddenly have to send one by e-mail and have limited space to do it in, and that’s when we get in trouble. That’s when we get in a bind. How do you write a short biography while remaining professional?

You will agree that it is a rather boring biography. In certain contexts, professional biographies should be quite formal, as Mauricio’s is. Still, it will almost always be better to write a bio that is easy to read and conversational in tone. In short, it is better to forget the traditional format of this type of text, where you list your achievements like a robot and accumulate all the professional terms that come to your mind.

The biography is understood as a life story, that is, a narrative description of the crucial points that make up a person, in which you touch on his or her development in various fields, such as personal or professional, his or her achievements and associated concepts.

Example of a person’s biography

Hi! My name is Scott.  I was born in Vermont and am now a professor at North Yankee University in Fargone , New York (in New York State).  I study antelope migration patterns and their impact of native grain growth.  I became interested in antelope when I was a teenager and saw one for the first time in the wild.  I did my B.S. in biology at SUNY and my M.S. and UCLA and Ph.D. in forestry at Hunter College.

Scott Sampson is a professor of Wildlife Biology at North Yankee University.  His work focuses specifically on antelope migration patterns and their impact on native grain growth.  His favorite place to do research is his backyard, which opens up to the Akron National Forest.

To write longer biographies, follow the same basic rules but go a little deeper into your work, education, and future projects or interests.  You might also consider adding a line about your immediate family.  But as always, leave the personal details for brief, friendly mention at the end of the biography.


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