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What are you feeling, right now, as you read this? Are you curious? Are you hoping to learn something about yourself? Are you bored because this is something you have to do for school and you don’t feel like doing it? Or are you happy because it’s a school project you like? Maybe you’re distracted by something else, like anticipation for your weekend plans, or sad because you’re going through a breakup.

Emotional awareness helps us unveil what we need and want (or don’t want). It helps us build better relationships. This is because being aware of our emotions helps us talk clearly about our feelings, avoid or resolve conflict better, and overcome difficult feelings more easily.

Some people are naturally more in touch with their emotions than others. The good news is that everyone can become more aware of their emotions. It just takes practice. But it’s worth the effort: emotional awareness is the first step toward building emotional intelligence, a skill that can help people become more successful in life.

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Anyone #leads or that’s how it’s supposed to be. I say should be because #leading sometimes is not easy, it is not comfortable or simply the ways that we are required (or self-demand) to #lead does not fit with what we want or would in our lives and also in the companies we are living a moment of transformation or we sense that there will be, and that will be necessary to feel better in many aspects.and for this, I believe that each one of us, as the companies where we work, we must add and #lead from our «style». Our «style» is the authentic one, that person you are when you feel «consistent» and connected with you and not with what you are expected to opinion is that today we are tired of #leading in the short term, of pretending to be «a professional leader» and moving away from who you are because you think that is not considered «good».today in uncertainty, we have to work on our self-confidence and #lead from our values to live in wellbeing, to #lead this cultural transformation that is going to be necessary. And combine it with an entrepreneurial attitude and agility to anticipate, detect and move fast in this macro and micro environment that is transforming by leaps and bounds.People first, but please, connected.

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Usually when a person comes to one of collective academy’s sample classes, it is because they are interested in making an important change in their life. Some want to transform their careers and others want to accelerate them. In some cases, they are even in the midst of an introspection exercise.

We started using this question at the beginning of some of the Connovo update meetings. The truth is that I don’t like it because having Asperger’s syndrome, translating abstract ideas into emotions is something I struggle with. But I also have to admit that the benefit for most of our team is obvious.

When it comes to a work team, it helps to strengthen the bonds of friendship and functionality of the meetings. But when it comes to our (future) students and community members, it allows everyone involved in the conversation to get a personal perspective on priorities and concerns.

But the real value is for the people with whom we talk. Some realize that personal and professional decisions are aligned with their personal values and others realize that they are about to take a path that is not really the right one.

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So far, 30% of its employees have reported having insomnia problems. To solve this problem, Yave opted to offer mindfulness sessions, meditation leagues and one-on-one meetings to the entire workforce, knowing that not everyone dares to talk about their state of mind or their personal problems.

The Pomodoro technique was also implemented, i.e., establishing 25-minute intervals to concentrate on a specific task, not only related to work. The director, who is a specialist in Clinical Psychology, assures that this has helped them to improve motivation, concentration and productivity in the work teams.

But mental health is still a pending issue in the business ecosystem. Dr. Manuel Sánchez de Carmona, from the International Society of Bipolar Disorders in Mexico (ISBD), says that there is a stigma about mental health in the country.

Today, four out of every ten patients that Sánchez treats have resigned from their jobs due to bipolar disorder type one, which is when the affected person’s mood alternates between the phase of joy, exaltation and euphoria to depression, sadness, inhibition, lack of concentration, lack of motivation and ideas of death.


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