Halloween crafts for kids

halloween costumes

Cut an apple in half and you can use it as a mold to draw Halloween pumpkins, once the paint is dry make the details to give it shape, you can also use other materials to make the details like eva rubber or cardboard.

On a white cardboard draw and cut out the shape of the ghosts, then make cotton balls and glue them on the cardboard. Finally, cut out and shape the ghost’s eyes and mouth with black cardboard.

For this craft you can use cans or cardboard rolls or empty yogurt containers (if you don’t want or don’t have cans). Paint them white, cut out the mouth and eyes and glue strips of paper inside to give the ghostly effect.

Wrap paper napkins around the stick candies, put a rubber band or ribbons to hold it at the base and paint the eyes with a black marker.  Ideal as a gift for our trick-or-treaters.

Using as a base the shape of the paper rolls you can create different Halloween figures, the bats we have seen before, a nice vampire or other characters from the Halloween imaginary that you like.

how to make homemade halloween decorations

3. Pumpkin basket [with downloadable template]Pumpkin basket | Source: The craft trainCreate your own paper basket to store Halloween candy, in the style presented to you by The craft train. To do this, first of all, download the template and print it on orange paper.MaterialsSteps.

4. BatBatPaper bats | Source: DIY EnthusiastsThis is a very easy craft for which you only need to follow the instructions on DIY Enthusiasts. MaterialsSteps

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halloween costume ideas

If your child is also excited about Halloween, here are some fun and easy Halloween-related crafts that you can do together. Whether it’s for a fun afternoon, or as a decoration for a terrifying children’s party, grab scissors and crayons and get to work!

From the channel Hoy no hay Cole they propose this very simple craft, in which we only need a disposable cardboard plate, acrylic paint and cardboard of various colors. The result is this fun witch mask that will cause a sensation at any Halloween party.

The Sencillamente Creativo channel suggests us to make a Catrina, the typical Mexican skull of the Day of the Dead. For this craft we will only need tissue paper of various colors, the silhouette of a skeleton (which we can print or draw ourselves), scissors, glue and markers.

From El Mundo de Inma we propose this simple and typical bat craft, using a toilet paper roll as a base. In addition, we will need a black cardboard, crayons, scissors, stapler and a string to hang our vampire.

halloween crafts

Recycled flower pots Cacti and succulents will also have their own Halloween costume thanks to these original flower pots! All you need are some empty plastic bottles that you’ll have to cut into the shape of your choice, paint and decorate.

Witches’ brooms in their little hands To make this witchy Halloween decoration you’ll need a pencil, a candy bar, a scissors, tape and brown paper. As you can see, all you have to do is attach the lollipop to the pencil, and wrap it with the paper previously cut into strips that mimic broom bristles. What a sweet surprise, right?

The mandarins also want to dress up, and their costume couldn’t be simpler! All you have to do is paint their faces like Halloween pumpkins with a black permanent marker – orange is already their standard color!

Tablecloths with lots of print If you organize a picnic, you’ll see how everyone participates when it comes to setting the table. Especially when it comes to the tablecloth. Do you want to make the one you see in the picture? You will have to buy a black paper tablecloth. Then draw the shape of a ghost on a piece of paper and cut it out. Paint it black and prime it on a potato cut in half. You can now stamp the tablecloth!


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