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Surely on more than one occasion you have found yourself in the situation where the activity you planned for class has ended earlier than you had planned. Don’t worry, it could have happened to all of us!

Or it has simply gone wrong and you need to improvise and change it… You find yourself without photocopies, without extra activities and panic takes over. You end up sending in an essay about your last summer because you’ve blocked yourself.

What could you do in these cases? Well, you can try SOS GAMES. These are 10 fun games for language classes that you should always carry in your backpack and that don’t need a lot of material. They can save a class.

Students are asked to roll the dice thinking of their question and, once all the dice are on the table, they must take a picture of it in order to create their essay about the future. For this we will only need a pack of story cubes.

This game is very well known in our country so you can get an idea of what it is about. This time, draw two donuts on the board and ask your students to create about 10 descriptions for the words with the letters indicated on the donut following the pattern of this game.

games to learn english in a group

In addition, there are tools for each stage, which will help you master this new language. Be sure to read this article where we will explain some activities that you can put into practice to facilitate the study of the language regardless of your age.

In the case of adults the interest changes. Their main motivation to study English comes from the university and companies where they see the use of the language as a tool to move up in their careers. For them, mastering the language translates into moving up the corporate or professional ladder and therefore the pedagogical approach is behind other goals.

Adults are recommended to watch movies and series in English to practice this new language, this will allow them to learn while they are distracted. Similarly, reading guides, books or material they need for their working day or university in English will help them practice grammar and improve their writing.

Many people choose to learn English in retirement, evoking the opportunities they could not take advantage of in their maturity or youth because they could not communicate in that language. For them, it is recommended to include English in their favorite hobbies, such as doing crossword puzzles, writing, reading the press, among others. In addition, they can set the atmosphere at home with songs in English while doing any other activity.

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If you have just finished your English courses, took a break from the language or recently returned from your academic exchange abroad, it is important that you do not stop practicing or being in contact with the language, because if you do not practice for a while you may forget vocabulary, verb tenses or even the pronunciation of certain words.

Another way to retain the language is to watch movies, documentaries or series in English, since you will be able to practice and understand how the characters behave in the same way they would in real life. This is a great strategy to learn English with the use of colloquial phrases and expressions.

games in english for 10 to 12 year olds

Thanks to new technologies we can make an online class almost as fun as a face-to-face class. One hour sessions in which we will reinforce speaking and work on vocabulary and grammatical structures according to the interests and level of each student. We will use online resources to reinforce learning in a dynamic way. Groups of 1 to 4 students.Dynamic English

How does it work? Well, through learning a dynamic activity such as «Wine and cheese tasting», «Learning to make sushi», among many other cool activities that you have always wanted to learn, but IN ENGLISH!

The classes are very dynamic and varied, I learn and have fun at the same time. I feel much more confident when I have to express myself in English and I no longer feel that embarrassed feeling when someone addresses me.


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