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We need a person with experience in photography and photo retouching of ecommerce that is in continuous contact with the…Yellow Rat BastardMurcia2 months ago300 to 800 € / month Description of the offer

Madrid2 months agoMadrid Bulletin Board: Hello, my name is antonio. I am a historian and writer. I have edited a biography of Cervantes and finished a novel. I would like to translate both works into french. They have 228 pages the first one and 318 pages the second one. For the moment I can’t pay you…Madrid4 days ago …Description

-To be totally unemployed….  LanbideArrigorriaga, Vizcaya11 hours agoHi, I am looking for a teacher to give support classes in Villarmero (Burgos). It would be for 2 boys of 1st and 2nd ESO. The days would be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 16h to 18h.

English spanish translator

Product catalogs for online stores or e-commerce. They are usually composed of title, product description and other data such as composition, materials, colors and other technical specifications.

Translation of apps, website static pages, software and blog posts or news in any CMS: WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, Drupal, Wix, Joomla!, Squarespace, etc. Pages such as about us, services or contact; and newsletters.

Instruction manuals (installation, equipment, machinery, software), specifications and patents. Specialized texts: automotive, aeronautics, science, electronics, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, literary, medical or engineering.

Notarial deeds or powers of attorney, articles of association, contracts, tenders and bids.

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It is also one of the three official languages of Belgium, along with Flemish and French. Its speakers are concentrated within the German-speaking Community of Belgium, located in the far east of the country, which constitutes 1% of the population.

Modern Standard German is a West Germanic language descended mainly from the set of varieties spoken during the Middle Ages in central and southern Germany, known as High German. High German texts are conventionally divided into three periods:

Modern Standard German is a form based primarily on early High German, although the pronunciation was influenced by the way speakers in northern Germany, who mostly spoke Low German, adopted to pronounce the written standard.

With his translation of the Bible into German, even though it was not the first, Luther was worthy of a recognition that today endures with regard to the enrichment and standardization of German (of what is known today as New High German, to be more precise). This is underlined by the fact that, in his translation, Luther did not choose the vocabulary with his own dialect (East Central German) in mind, but the one that was most widespread in the German territories at the time. In doing so, Luther made language a national issue. German was no longer just another language, but the national language.[14] The German language was no longer the national language.


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