English speaking practice exercises

Intermediate english exercises

The grammar exercises will help you consolidate your knowledge of the English language. When you are doing the exercises, you will have the opportunity to go through the lessons where the grammar topics are explained. This will undoubtedly help you to understand your correct answers and correct your mistakes. In this way, your knowledge of the internal rules of the English language will be quite deep.

Although it is not the most important thing when learning a language, the answer is YES. Handling the rules and principles of a language correctly is fundamental for clear, precise and effective communication.

The best way is to practice every day for an hour or two. This is to make the English structures become natural and to make our brain process the English language faster.

Basic english exercises

When you decide to learn a new language you have to dedicate time and a lot of practice, and written exercises are part of this practice. There are lots of exercises that you can solve to practice, but with this article we will recommend you some of them.

Learning the grammar of the English language, as you know, is very important because it allows you to perfect your English skills. It also helps you to avoid misunderstandings when writing your ideas in English using the correct spelling and punctuation.

Completion exercises are also very useful when practicing the conjugation of verbs within a text, since we can learn the correct use of verbs, but when writing or speaking they will not help us much if we do not understand the context in which they are found and how we can use two or more tenses of conjugation in the same idea.

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English exercises to print

Some of the exercises I will give you are listening exercises so you will need an audio player; it can be your phone or your tablet, it doesn’t matter, the point is that it will be your most powerful tool to learn English.

Now, if you have to decide what to do and you can’t write or read, ALWAYS give priority to audio. It is what will help you learn English the most, along with frequent conversation practice with native speakers.

Note month 1: In the following weeks of this month, keep doing the similar exercises that come in each link. It is also highly recommended that you repeat the exercises over and over again until they stick with you.

Hello: this is the best material on the net, as always. Thank you for helping us with the English adventure.one thing, I can’t find the solutions to the first advanced exercise…Thanks in advance.Marisa

I’m sorry, you don’t have any answers. The article is useful, above all, to learn new vocabulary.here you have reading comprehension exercises that bring scores to test yourself.I hope it helps you.Regards, Mónica

English exercises pdf

Discover interactive English exercises made exclusively for Spanish speakers. They are based on audio and real conversation situations with native speakers. Learning by doing has proven to be the most effective way to master English.

English will open doors to almost any corner of the world and will allow you to have a conversation anywhere you want, such as in the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as in other areas, such as almost all of Europe or China, where the inhabitants are easily fluent in this language.

With English you will find it easy to do airport formalities, to communicate with the local population or with the waiter in a restaurant in the country you are visiting. Yes, learning this language is the key to being able to travel the world speaking with almost anyone.

Theory is necessary, but it is the practical exercises that will give you the fluency you are looking for to be able to speak, write or understand English better. This interactivity is fundamental when learning any language, because what you need to achieve is to develop your skills in a practical way.


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