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There are so many ways to answer these questions. And it all depends on the emotions you have. Emotions are like the colors of the rainbow. There is a lot of variety. There are positive and negative feelings.

Do you strive to have a positive attitude? How do you do it? Isn’t it sometimes difficult? Many studies indicate that a positive attitude helps you on many levels. It improves our health. It contributes to good relationships with our peers. It helps us achieve our goals. It allows us to overcome obstacles. It helps us to be happy. Keep these four points in mind:

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As consumers, why do we eat a certain food, what do we value when we eat it, what factors do we take into account when we buy it, and perhaps most importantly, what makes us want to eat it? And perhaps more importantly, what keeps us coming back for more?

As experts, how can we study consumer perceptions of food attributes and how can we model affective and cognitive attitudes as determinants of purchase intentions?

Sensory marketing uses consumers’ senses and studies consumer perception, emotion, learning, preference, choice, evaluation, knowledge, knowledge, judgment and purchase behavior based on those senses.

Stimuli can arise from inside or outside the individual. Internal stimuli imply a previous experience: predisposition, motivations, attitudes… External stimuli are perceived through the senses; that is, they can be seen, smelled, touched…

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Thus, a larger negative emotion vocabulary, or different ways of describing similar feelings, correlates with more psychological distress and poorer physical health, whereas a larger positive emotion vocabulary correlates with better physical health and well-being.

During the stream-of-consciousness exercise, Vine and colleagues found that students who used more names for sadness became sadder over the course of the experiment; people who used more names for fear became more worried; and people who used more names for anger became more angry.

List of emotions in spanish

As we get older, we get better at realizing what we feel and why. Knowing our own feelings helps us to know what we want and to make decisions. It also helps us relate to other people. Even difficult feelings (such as anger or sadness) help us understand ourselves.

The more aware you are of your own feelings, the more they can help you know yourself and understand the people around you. Becoming aware of your feelings and talking about them is a healthy way to express them. And don’t let difficult feelings build up inside you.


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