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First of all we have to know what are the routines to define muscle definition routines are training plans that aim to lose fat and try to maintain muscle mass.

In definition you reduce a lot of carbohydrates and you control your meals more because what you want is to be with a low percentage of fat in the body, the workouts are usually with more repetitions and fewer breaks between sets to speed up metabolism.

In a definition phase we will obviously have to restrict carbohydrates quite drastically, which in many cases will not have enough energy to perform great workouts.

The workouts in the gym will be similar to those of volume, since we also aim to maintain muscle mass, but with the difference that we will include more supersets, less rest between exercises, to try to speed up the metabolism and burn more calories per day.

The body responds to lactic training with an increase in growth hormone. Growth hormone is the body’s most potent fat burner. A side effect of this training is also a great cardiovascular workout.

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Eat several meals a day but lighter. The first step is to eliminate fat, for which we will make the five meals a day but eating fewer calories. The metabolism will be activated, you will burn energy and if you have achieved this calorie deficit the body will begin to burn the accumulated fat deposits for energy. Diet is a fundamental pillar when it comes to gaining muscle definition, so it is highly recommended that you go to a specialist for advice.

Finally, we have a factor that we cannot control: genetics. There are people who find it more difficult to achieve muscle definition and others who achieve good definition with amazing ease, so if you see that you are not advancing at the pace you would like, be patient. If you follow good habits sooner or later you will start to notice the results, in this article we provide other tips for you to gain muscle volume.

Try to eat at least 6 times a day, 70 percent protein, 20 percent carbs, and the rest fats. Results are not obtained overnight, just don’t give up and go ahead, believe in yourself. Greetings

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The approach of this definition routine is simple. The exercises with the same letter are done as a superset (more specifically, they are sets composed of three exercises for the same muscle group), resting only 10 seconds between each exercise.

We perform the bench press and rest 10 seconds. We perform the barbell press and rest 10 seconds. We perform the dumbbell incline bench press and we have finished the superset, then we rest for two full minutes. We repeat the same two more times.

One of the training objectives is to empty the muscle glycogen reserves to induce our body to use the fatty acid deposits that are difficult to mobilize. Therefore, we must continue to train intensely.

One of the advantages of these routines is that you can include more variety in the exercises, the priority is to increase the frequency of training and spend more calories, not to try to increase the maximum weights in certain exercises.

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We have trained hard all winter and with spring comes the perfect time to start the process of definition, with good weather you can lose fat more easily, we can go running down the street and swim at the beach as much as we want, so from Vitónica we propose you to do this definition training that I will follow personally from Monday.

The definition training basically differs from the volume training in longer sets, the use of supersets, biseries, triseries and even giant sets, reduce the rest time and try to make the training as aerobic as possible. Although remember that the key is in the diet so on Monday, in the Vitonica weekly diet we will put a definition diet.

The rest between exercises will always be 3 minutes, in order to recover and prepare the machines, bars, discs and dumbbells for the next exercise. We will use a bottle of water to drink between sets, remember that water is essential in the definition, and hydration in these routines is very important.


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