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Home » Christmas coloring pages for kids, print and paint! «Christmas drawings to color If you already smell of nougat and polvoron mixed with a bit of magic and illusion, it’s time to color the Christmas drawings of Primary World!

You won’t be short of anything! Get ready to have a wonderful holiday season with the Christmas drawings. As they are free and there is no download limit, you will be able to color as many as you want before or during the vacations, decorate your classroom or your home with the Christmas coloring pages!

Christmas drawings will be the stars of the tree, and we have them all available here. Download, print and let your kids be the ones to fill the world with joy by coloring every corner. Undoubtedly, it is the best time for your children to get to know the goodness and good feelings that reside in them. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, and grab the pencils, markers or watercolors and let their creativity fly.

How about a blue or silver suit? Santa Claus would be very formal in a grayish tone; can you imagine him in a mysterious black robe? He would be very elegant dressed up for a black tie party. Download our Christmas images and create your own magical story, one filled with all the charm and mysticism you can give him, it’s time to let your imagination run wild.

Christmas tree coloring pages

Christmas tree drawings are some of the favorites, especially for kids. That’s why I wanted to start this article by putting a good amount of these drawings, such as the one you have above, where we see the typical Christmas pine tree decorated with its balls and the star at the top.

Now you have a Christmas tree model a little more artistic, since it is only a line that forms the whole tree and is crowned above with a star. If you are going to make Christmas greetings, a good image to decorate them could be this original Christmas tree.

The images are the trees with the balls and the star. You can give it any colors you can think of. Actually the trees can be green, blue or white. And in the balls there is no law. You can paint them as you wish and make beautiful drawings.

The Christmas cookie is also ready to be painted here. You can print it several times and make copies with different colors. Then you cut them out and you can join them one by one by hand to have a strip of drawings that you can use to decorate your house for Christmas.


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Christmas tree to color for kids

We paint our hands with the green paint and start by smearing the cardboard from the bottom to the top to form our beautiful fir tree… Down three times, twice in the middle and once on the top of the tree. As soon as it dries you can continue putting on your tree the prints of buttons, plugs, paper clips … or anything else you can think of and with many colors, or paste gumdrops of different colors (or not, to the taste of the artist) as if they were little balls or the same buttons also in colors so that it is as beautiful and well decorated as the one at home at Christmas.


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