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Below, we have selected several proposals in black and white (for a fee, of course) that, through the absence of color, manage to transmit to the player sensations or stimuli to which we are accustomed. Authentic works of art on our mobile.

The monochromatic and minimalist beauty of ‘Starman’ traps you as soon as you start to go through its mysterious levels and solve its complex enigmas. As you traverse a world of light and darkness, you will have to play with the environment, illuminate your surroundings and test your solutions through trial and error.

This game, with hand-illustrated animated backgrounds, puts you in the shoes of a runner who must escape from a giant worm that has been awakened by digging too deep into sacred grounds. Hidden passages and deadly traps are mixed in a fantasy world in which, no matter how much you jump and run, the monster will not stop chasing you.

You will have to look for shortcuts and take advantage of them without losing sight of the worm, which will be on your heels at all times. It has an average rating of 4 out of 5, costs 0.59 euros and is compatible with Android 5.0 and later versions.

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However, painters, who have generally had access to color since their early days, used black and white as a method of expression by default. The lack of color in the scene represented the loss of something essential, used to represent loneliness, loss or pain. Others chose this absence of color to demonstrate to the maximum their skills in handling volume and light in their work.

Film directors also took advantage of their limitation to also exploit the image to the maximum. After the First World War, great German directors were carried away by the post-war pessimism in their country, giving rise to German Expressionist Cinema, which accentuated its enigmatic, macabre, sinister and morbid character, giving way to a more complex lighting as an expressive medium. This can be seen in works such as Metropolis or The Cabinet of Dr. Caligali, which have been great references in the use of light.

As videogame creators we have to keep in mind the aesthetics of our games, the hows and whys of its use. Let’s analyze some examples that will help us to see if we want to use black and white as the main artistic thread of our work.


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current02:39 3 May 20192495 × 3607 (1.66 MB)Strakhov{{Information |description={{en|1=El juego de riquitillas o de los cinco puntos.}} |date=1907-03-02 |source= {{cite journal|author=Felipe Pérez y González|journal=Blanco y Negro|title=El juego de riquitillas o de los cinco puntos|volume=|issue= 826|page= |url=https://archive. org/stream/blancoynegro8188unse#page/228/mode/2up|date=1907-03-02|issn=0006-4572}} |author={{{Creator:Felipe Pérez y González}}{{Creator:Inocencio Medina Vera}} |permission={{PD-Scan|1=PD-old-auto-1923|death…

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With a peculiar style that goes from mystery with some touches of psychological horror to simple platformers, Limbo offers a dark adventure where we cross different places in search of our lost sister. Along the way, all kinds of enemies and traps await us, we will be faced with chainsaws ready to dismember us and electric shocks that will fry us. In all likelihood we will die quite a few times until we find the key to the dozens of puzzles that we will find. As if this were not enough, that style of black and white film emphasizes the lights and shadows, with a final touch given by a very well cared sound section that gains integers if we enjoy it with headphones.

Also in cartoon style, Hidden Folks is a much nicer and richer proposal. Similar to the mythical «Where’s Wally?», we will have to find all kinds of characters and objects along different scenarios, each one bigger and full of things. The level of detail is fantastic, since in the larger parts we will find all kinds of situations thanks to the fact that the sprites are usually animated and the interaction with the environment is quite lively.


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