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The building is divided into 2 parts; the part of the historic facade with its gate and staircase, which overlooks the courtyard of the same street San Pablo, 24 and on the side of the same, to the street Felipe Espino, 1, the official building Diputación de Salamanca.

– At the entrance there are 2 steps of 19 cm high and a wrought iron door, which opens inward and has a clear passage width of 1.21 m. Then there is a stone staircase with 12 steps of 17 cm high and with a handrail on both sides at 90 cm.

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Fonseca would caricature the Salamancan nobles who behaved so badly with his friend. Until the 19th century, the ownership of the house remained with the descendants of the founders, Mesía-Fonseca, but in 1842 it passed to Don José María Echevarría and then to the Arteaga and Esperabé family, who sold it to the Diputación Provincial. The name of the palace, La Salina, comes from when it served as a storehouse;

The town of Candelario is terraced on the slope of the mountain range of the same name, which makes it inevitable that its street layout is complicated, with the main streets in the direction of the slope and the secondary streets and alleys transversal to the previous ones. This lack of horizontality gives its corners a flavor and an aesthetic…Conjunto históricoBIC declared on March 6, 1975Salamanca, Candelario, Candelario

From its primitive construction survive its Mudejar apse of brick and the bell tower with factory raised on granitic rock. With the process of parochial Reduction of 1568 it was proceeded to extend its central nave in order to a…MonumentSalamanca, Béjar, Béjar

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The program will continue with several traditional songs from the «Cancionero Salmantino» by the composer Dámaso Ledesma (1866-1928), adapted by the musicologist Miguel Manzano, where genres such as the jota and the fandango are fused, seeking to evoke the work of the drummers as animators of the traditional dances of Salamanca.

The gala will combine the classical elements of the piano and the popular airs of the bagpipe with the aim of merging both instruments in a musical poetic, which echoes on the thirty portraits that are part of the exhibition of Florencio Maíllo.

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Walking down San Pablo street you will come across a Renaissance building from the 16th century. It is the Palacio de la Salina, a discreet and at the same time beautiful building, headquarters of the Provincial Council of Salamanca.

It may not attract your attention because it goes completely unnoticed. However, behind the sober appearance of its facade, hides a beautiful interior courtyard, a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance style. In it you can see some beautiful arches and capitals that give it a great artistic interest.

Some say that the name of the palace comes from the old warehouse that was in its basement to store the precious salt. Although there is a legend about the Palacio de la Salina, also known as Palacio de Fonseca.


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