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Oriana tells that she felt betrayed and hurt, especially after discovering this continuous infidelity long after it started and being abandoned by Eugenio on a trip they both had planned, and moreover, to go with the scheming mistress. «I saw it at the time, in the stories of both of them, they slept in the same room and when I called him I spoke softly. That’s how pathetic. «5He took advantage of his time on ‘GH Vip’ to be unfaithful.

«He cheated on me the biggest. That person had a girl who was his mistress that he didn’t care about at all, he just wanted her to get wet. I wasn’t that important because he cheated on me from the beginning of the relationship». Oriana confesses after having clarified that Eugenio was after her for a long time.3Oriana and Eugenio

Conoce los orígenes del mercado de abastos en la plaza

NAUTICAL DONATIONS es una organización benéfica 501(c)3 de Chicago que apoya a organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro relacionadas con la náutica en el área de Chicago a través de la venta de barcos y equipos donados. Nos dedicamos a apoyar a las organizaciones náuticas locales que proporcionan servicios de navegación y oportunidades educativas a los jóvenes y a los desfavorecidos desde 2003.

Donar a Nautical Donations es un proceso muy sencillo y todos los donantes pueden beneficiarse de recibir una deducción fiscal por sus contribuciones. A diferencia de otras organizaciones benéficas, los donantes de embarcaciones reciben una deducción superior, ya que rara vez vendemos nuestras embarcaciones en subasta.

Nautical Donations vende embarcaciones y equipos donados durante todo el año a valores maravillosos. Consulte nuestra sección de COMPRA para ver un inventario de nuestras embarcaciones y equipos disponibles para la venta.    También celebramos un mercadillo anual Yachtapalooza cada primavera.

A year of photography

Constructing photographs instead of taking them, choosing supposedly artistic, transcendent or edifying subjects, looking for the most appropriate models to represent his characters, arranging them theatrically in the context of a bombastic and overloaded scenography, and making them pose in the most convincing and appropriate way to the moralizing argument of his sublime creations.

Far be it from me to judge the works by the ideology of their author. It is true that there is no freshness, that everything is measured and planned, that his models are coerced to act in a certain way. Here we can see a fragment of his memoirs:

It is the recovery of customs, an anthropological document, similar to and undoubtedly surpassed by Rafael Sanz Lobato or Cristina García Rodero. These two greats even affirm that it was one of the sources they consulted to document their work.

And that is how it should be seen. An amazing technical display, with a composition that is not at all risky, but totally valid, that invites you not to think and simply let yourself be carried away by the recreation of ancient traditions and regional costumes.

Creacción, de metamorphosis dance. teaser

El Genio de la Fotografía ep1 pt5 El Genio de la Fotografía Ep1 – 4/4 Pictorialista

Stieglitz – Obra temprana / Pictorialismo Realidades construidas en la era de la fotografía VerdadBelleza: El pictorialismo y la

Sin título (Crucifijo con soldaditos romanos), 1898, F. Holland Day Sin título, 1898, Holland Day Crucifixión, Holland Day Entierro, Holland Day Las siete últimas palabras de Cristo, Holland Day Monje, Holland Day Estudio de cirugía, En el 1500 Bartholomeo Maggi refinado

1895, ALFRED HORSLEY HINTON. El campo de las cebollas, 1890 GEORGE DAVISON Fantasía, 1913. ALEXANDER KEIGHLEY. Liverpool An Impression1906. JOHN DUDLEY JOHNSTON Un canal negro (probablemente Venecia), 1894, AMES CRAIG ANNAN. Vista del puerto, 1880, FRANK MEADOW SUTCLIFFE. Una bailarina, 1900. ROBERT DEMACHY. Vitesse (Velocidad), 1903,


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