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Good morning: «No matter what you do, do it with passion, with desire, with love and so everything you propose will be better. Good morning, may your day be wonderful and may sadness not be able to enter your heart».

Remember that it doesn’t matter if you wake up early, what matters is that you wake up happy, ready to start a new day. I wish you a great day and I hope the 24 hours ahead of you are good, better than yesterday, full of wonderful things for you».

:: «Good morning! It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Friday, every day has something special in it. Find what makes this day special, I’m sure looking in the mirror you’ll see a clue. I wish you all the best for today and hope that when you return home you will do so with a sense of satisfaction.»

:: «One more day in your life, one more day to be happy. Good morning, may today the sun shine only for you, if not in the sky, may it be in your heart. Cheer up and face life always with optimism».

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Good morning :: «Just as when you feel you have slept peacefully and you have the best energy to start the day… Likewise, today I declare a day of blessing, love and good things for my life, many more than I deserve by God’s mercy. Today will be the best day of my life».

How beautiful it is to be able to start the day with the best attitude, with the vision that the best is yet to come and that the blessings of heaven fall like abundant spring rain, renewing and transforming. Today is the best day to be happy and I am ready for it».

Today destiny has great things in store for you and you must open your heart and mind to receive them, the wonders are to be lived and enjoyed, nothing better than knowing that you have hands that work and mind that thinks to do everything you want, to conquer the world, because today is the day».

I bless the God of heaven, Almighty and eternal Father for the miracle of allowing me to open my eyes on this day and that my eyes can contemplate how the light of a new day and a new sun peeks through my window and illuminates my room, my heart and my life. Nothing more pleasing than to feel the presence of God is a new awakening, there is no greater manifestation of His presence than this».

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LO + TRENDINGTechnologyGood morning phrases for WhatsApp: short messages and original greetings to send to your contactsDiscover some original way to greet your contacts, friends and familyGood morning phrases and images for WhatsApp.Reuters

CDTMow commentsIt has surely happened to you on some occasions that you want to greet a colleague at work, your family group, your school group or anyone with whom you usually strike up a conversation or want to start one in a friendly way. But the phrase ‘good morning’ or ‘nice day’ is already overused and you do not know what to write and give these greetings a little more original way through WhatsApp; well here we help you and give you a collection of phrases to start the day with positive attitude and greet your contacts.How to say good morning with style?

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The ofrenda is a ritual through which the living share with their deceased again. The Day of the Dead is based on the belief that the souls of our deceased return and we are reunited through the ofrenda.

The ancient Mexicans believed that the fate of the soul of the dead was determined according to the type of death. For example, those who died by drowning went to Tlalocan or paradise of Tlaloc; those who died in combat or in sacrifice and women who died in childbirth, went to Omeyocan or paradise of the Sun.


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